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The Macaron Shop is a French focused Macaron shop located on the world wide web.

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Let the Macaron Live On – Macaronsky

In 2015, we founded The Macaron Shop after realizing there were hundreds if not thousands of Macaron shops already in existence. During our research for alternative ecommerce stores focused on desserts, it became apparent that the nutritional value of a single Macaron meant more to us than a chocolate chip cookie. This probably doesn’t make sense, and it shouldn’t. But let us continue anyway.  Research for our dessert ideas let us to believe the nutritional value of a macaron was deliciousness. We studied families eating macarons together and saw that everyone was happy when they ate these overpriced goodies. We were also inspired by the idea of all the pretty colors which just made a gift basket of a macaron look like a rainbow made up of cookies. We just knew we had to create a macaron store.

As we learned more about macaron’s we became very passionate about the idea of being macaronies. We ate macarons from all over the world and found that no two macarons were the same color but they all had one thing in common, they were made of sugar. Knowing this, we made an effort to make sure each and everyone of our macarons were made of sugar.

Macarons are not just a dessert fad; it is a life style. We created the term macaronies just for this website, but we have no doubt that macaronies will be popping up all across the world soon. The choice of dessert you make each evening after dinner is one of the most important decisions of the day. For many, it is the last thing you eat. So don’t make the mistake of eating ice cream or pie. Eat luxury. Eat sugar. Eat a macaron.

We believe eating a variety of macarons provide the right nutrients to help the mind and body each and every day.

As a family owned and operated ecommerce website, we have no idea what we are talking about. This website was created as a demo and macarons are so beautiful. We want you to educate yourself on desserts so that you can bring a smile to all of your dinner guests’ faces. Welcome to The Macaron Shop!

Möt Vårt Team


Eliya Lundin

Jameson is the Head Chef of The Macaron Shop. He has led the leadership and macaron making since July 2015 and will continue until macarons are no longer a delicious dessert.